Best domestic appliances. European style.

Specially developed design. We work with the best designers
and art studios of Europe.

Our kitchen utensils and tea-things are made of the best material
with the use of unique high technological methods.

All elements are developed ideally from the aesthetics point of view,
but they are also very convenient for cooking.

Work with the best designers of Europe gives us the opportunity to offer
our customers kitchen utensils and tea-things in any style from the
classics to hi-teck. All wares perfectly harmonize with the space
which surrounds you.

We design, develop and market innovation-driven home and kitchen
products for international retailers, specialty-stores, promotional
agencies and virtual retailers around the globe who want to both
enhance their product range and control cost.

Flat E, 2/F, Golden Cloud Court, 1-4 Ferry Street, Kowloon, Hongkong
+852 31082212